Vick Mattress Hat Building

Sadly slated for demolition, the Vick Mattress Hat Building is one of the more historic structures in The Hat District neighborhood

So I have some very sad news. The Vick Mattress Hat Building is currently slated for demolition. The notices have been slapped on although this is by no means a done deal yet. I have been working with a community group in the Hat District of Blendini City to come with a solution that can possibly save this building.

Dick Viola, who had purchased this building cloaked behind an LLC has now been discovered. He is currently doing his best to speed up demolition but he needs to be careful. The Vick Mattress Building’s soul is in the process of being shut down. But the building might not have fully agreed to be shut down, which in that case demolition would be considered murder.

The community group and myself will be speaking to the building to see if Dick Viola is going against its wishes. If that is the case, there might be a chance that Dick could be committing building murder. And that opens up a whole new can of worms in this saga.