The Hat District

One of Blendini's original neighborhoods through and through

The Hat District is not only one of Blendini’s first neighborhoods that arose when “The 70” founded the city back in 2075, it is THE FIRST neighborhood that I ever drew when I started planning this city back in mid-2018. Back when I was planning out the Hat District, I didn’t even know that I was going to be the Mayor yet.

The Hat District settled into a piece of Blendini’s industrial might quickly. Hats became popular again in the world because of the growing heat. During the height of the global population’s migrations of 2075, four people of the “Founding 70” of Blendini knew that the world needed affordable, stylish hats more than ever to keep going.

When a few successful business emerge, stay successful, and then foster a community of hat entrepreneurship, a district forms. And over time, The Hat District has become one of the best places in the world to make hats. This is part because of the quality of the buildings used here.

These buildings really love to help make hats. Not pictured in this scene of The Hat District, many of the younger buildings wear hats of their own, taking great pride in their look.

There is a wide of spectrum of hat types that are made in The Hat District. Some hats are stylish and practical. Others are more rugged and utilitarian. It all depends on the tastes of androids and humans alike.

The mountains in the background give a view of Blendini’s great northeastern mountains. One issue with this scene now that I know the city a lot better than when I drew this? The mountains should be farther away from the Hat District given its location in Blendini City.