Hundreds of filmmakers and gold bankers have made Shakertown their home.

People and buildings alike have really taken to Shakertown as a hub of activity in the woods. Shakertown is one of those neighborhoods that has worked hard to retain its woodsy-charm despite all of its bustling activity.

If you want to get rich and be in entertainment, Shakertown is the place to meet others who will buoy you up!

Nestled in the woods while being a hub of activity, Shakertown is where bigger gold banks of Blendini have made their home. It’s a very historic neighborhood, because this is really where the financial sector of Blendini’s economy really got its start.

There are great opportunities for citizens to meet and exchange value. Shakertown is full of little social clubs. Some are open and some are closed to new members at this time.

You can see with the Shaker Gold Bank that in Blendini one of the staple currencies is gold. As gold is a finite resource, there is value in it. It’s still backed by faith, but it’s tangible which keeps the faith in it stable.

Shakertown is a good place to go dancing. Booty Bounce House is one of the best places to dance. They also provide lessons on how to best shake your booty.

Also, there are a few film houses that dot the neighborhood. Film houses are places where creators can make films and show them in the same place. There also tend to be bedrooms in the film houses for creators to stay. The films that are created in Shakertown are pretty creative, and a lot of the city is utilized for filming.