Salvatore Gouache

Salvatore is by far the most fun building on the Blendini City Council

This build is named Salvatore Gouache and he is a member of the Blendini Central Council. Yes, buildings can be councilmembers in Blendini! Since Blendini is also split in neighborhood districts, Salvatore is the President of the Pastel Neighborhood District.

He resides on the quiet part of the Picayune Beach neighborhood, although he is advocate for fun in the city. He expresses through his record on city council – he is always coming up with ways that entertainment and music businesses can thrive in the city. He’s also been a strong steward of the local schools that focus on creativity and artistry.

He also LOVES disco and makes sure that the Pastel District is very friendly towards entertainment businesses. You can see from his shoes that he wants everyone to know his love for disco! Neighborhood groups can meet within his walls and communicate with him directly. One of the humans on city council also lives inside of Salvatore. This isn’t a requirement, but some humans and buildings like to team up and become close friends.