Ray Bradbury Cathedral Of Reading

Located in the heart of Blendini's parks system, this palace of reading and writing is named after my personal hero.

Ray Bradbury didn’t go to college because he couldn’t afford to go. But he also didn’t need it. Ray Bradbury fell in love with reading at a young age, and went to the library every day to many years. The library WAS his teacher.

The educational options are a lot different in Blendini City than most. The city’s education is celebrated because of the amount of options and paths. The Ray Bradbury Cathedral of Reading caters to one of the core fundamentals of a good education: to make reading and writing fun!

The mission of the Cathedral of Reading is not just to bring in readers and offer books. The space is also meant to teach people the possibilities and bring readers together. The librarians act as great teachers and connectors here.

The Cathedral is set up to bring readers together. There is a cafe and a dining hall. There are various places set up for people to meet and talk about their love for books and other topics. There are halls to host events, there are places for quiet and solitude, the list goes on.

But I cannot thank the librarians enough even with all that setup. Because of them, this place really is a place where many people of different walks of life can fall in love with reading and find their path with each other.