A building to help anyone in Blendini while making some gold for herself

This building’s name is Rapooy. She is located between the Blendini neighborhoods of Port Olivia and Jam Rock, so she is situated with a view of Lake Hullabaloo. She is an entrepreneur. Business is in her DNA and she truly owns herself, housing her own headquarters of Rapooy, Inc. This business sells apparel and devices for citizen trash collectors.

If you want to collect trash in your neighborhood AND look good while doing it, go to Rapooy she’ll hook you up!! Her new trash vacuum sucks and disintegrates the trash and she is selling a new line of clogs that do well in the slop.

She also has two children, which currently are part of her structure as you can see. Finally, she also acts a neighborhood watch and has a matronly presence. The citizens in this stretch love her very much.