Port Olivia

Home to Blendini's best lakeside boardwalk, views, and fun

In the early days of Blendini, Port Olivia was the city’s first main port for shipping and receiving goods. This got the economy going for the city when it was still young. While Port Olivia still has some shipping in its port now, this activity has moved more southward to Jaggers. Today Port Olivia has double-downed on its other heritage: fun!

Port Olivia has a lively music and restaurant scene. There is also a diverse mix of businesses run by humans, buildings, and androids. The Oliv Museum of Modern Art (the OMOMA) brings in interest from all over the world.

Port Olivia has a strong creative economy. There are many skilled artisans who provide creative necessities. For example, Wick-ed Candles provides candles for many of the buildings that are looking to save on their electric resources. But they also craft many artistic candles that grace many storefronts in Blendini’s neighborhoods. Wick-ed Candles also builds some of the street lamps in the city that run on biofuels.

The Handmade Arcade is a marketplace on the Port Of Olivia Pier that allows creative entrepreneurs to display their handmade products. Humans and androids alike can stroll through this marketplace to find handmade items, from the practical to the unusual.

The Placino is a playground that is geared towards adults. It allows them to feel like kids again, but the playground also has some twists. The Monster Slide is one the favorite attractions at the Placino.

Mo Mo’s Lighthaus Grub and Bier brings German-fare to Blendini. People whose grandparents were German ex-pats run the restaurant! The Livia Food Hall is where culinary entrepreneurs of Blendini can go to test things out before they open restaurants. Some choose to remain small scale within this Food Hall because it brings them so much business.

Finally, we must talk about the ferris wheel. At 250 feet tall, I must say that the views are some of the best I’ve seen in Blendini. You can get a 360-degree view of the lake, Blendini Central, Pastel City, the nearby protected forest, and the mountains far off into the distance.