Port Olivia II

This second scene of Port Olivia I drew is full of businesses that its namesake, Olivia Duffy, would love to exist

Port Olivia is one of the most rich neighborhoods in Blendini City. Now, when I say “rich”, the wealth of this neighborhood is just one of the factors that makes it rich. Port Olivia is rich in resources, things to do, amenities, great people, lovable buildings, and is a crucial port. The port is one of the lifeblood economic activities in Blendini.

However, you won’t see any port facilities, loading docks, or ships (well, there is a boat building company here) in this scene of Port Olivia. That’s because this block highlights some of the other places that make Port Olivia a rich neighborhood.

Port Olivia has a revolutionary dog walking facility called Port Dog Walk. They’re slogan is “where the dogs walk you” and all owners agree that having their dogs walk them in such a great space is a blessing. Port Olivia Boat Co. focuses not on the maritime economy, but the leisure economy that this neighborhood also excels at.

Lots of stained glass is made in Port Olivia. The stained glass made here is sent all over the city and beyond. Most of the stained glass made in this neighborhood can be seen in various contexts – from its incorporation onto religious structures to homes. This neighborhood’s production of stained glass provides a lot of skilled, fulfilling jobs.

As you can also see, there are a lot of themed bars in the neighborhood, with PJ Bottoms (pajamas-only nightclub) and Jack O’Lantern’s Halloween Bar pictured here. Another big part that contributes to Port Olivia’s vitality are the small scale farms that are in the neighborhood. Mostly these small farms produce food for very local consumption, but horse farms are also popular in the neighborhood (as can be seen here with the Port Olivia Horse Farm)