PJ Bottom’s

One of Blendini's more vibrant nightclubs is "pajamas-only"

PJ Bottom’s is one of my favorite places to unwind after a long day of being the Mayor of Blendini City. It is a music and dance club where there is a pajamas-only dress code. Wear your best pajamas!

There are three locations for PJ Bottom’s in Blendini. This one is in Blendini Central and the two others are in Port Olivia and Pastel City.There is always a Cozy’s with a PJ Bottom’s but it’s a different kind of business for each one. This one is a pancake palace!

Finally, there is never a cover to enter a PJ Bottom’s. This helps make Blendini’s live music scene feel more open to anyone. It encourages some of the other bars in the area to also open up their doors to free live music. In the end, it encourages more sales within the establishments and encourages people to move around. So there’s a decent amount of turnover of customers and those who stick around and order more drinks and food. The music here is mostly jazz and funkgrass (a fusion between funk and bluegrass)