In this neighborhood, many of the buildings in this neighborhood have Myers-Briggs personality types.

The Myers-Briggs personality test has figured heavily in this neighborhood’s history and soul. In fact, this neighborhood in Blendini has quite the experimental history to it! It was originally built as a planned community to show that buildings of all personality types could get along.

In this scene of Myers-Brigantine there six buildings pictured here that have taken the Myers-Briggs test. There’s the ESFP Studios, where entertainers make local radio broadcasts. There’s a lot of fun shows that comes out of ESFP Studios.

At INTP Labs, sustainable energy research is conducted and the labs have done a lot to come up with new efficient ways to harness energy for local consumption. The ESFJ Community Center does a lot for the neighborhood through its programming. The ENFP School focuses on individualized learning with small classes. The INTJ Architecture Firm has built some of the very buildings you see in this Myers-Brigantine scene. The ISTP Builders, which focus on building a lot of different simple machines in the region

Myers-Brigantine has a lot of different personalities with its buildings and so do the people. Surprisingly, even though there are so many different personalities mixed around in Myers-Brigantine, most get along. There are some exceptions, though.

Something that is immediately apparent when you explore Myers-Brigantine its unique energy. After all, all of those personalities mixing together in one neighborhood does have its own kind of energy! So it has a very melting pot vibe going on. It’s a lot of fun to wander around this neighborhood! I personally love walking around as the Mayor, being able to meet someone new and interesting quite often.