A serene neighborhood of magical eclecticism and whimsy!

Since Mungyo borders the Pastel City neighborhood, a lot of the architecture picks up cues from there. I would like to say Mungyo feels glitzy, but in a more hushed tone.  My favorite spot here is the Hello Bar. If you aren’t given a hearty hello by a bartender your drink is free.

But Hello Bar has more special qualities than that – it’s all about helping people meet other people so the bar is set up that way. I don’t like it that in most bars it’s more difficult to meet people. That is not the case here.

Some of the buildings here are more animated than some in Blendini’s earlier neighborhoods. You can even see some buildings that can modulate their upper halves! They can do this to really put on display how they’re feeling and change their layouts based on their feelings.

Mungyo has a lot of artists moving in, as its still affordable to live here and there’s a creative energy that the buildings emit. The buildings themselves have artistic sensibilities and put the human artists to work. The energy they emit causes many people to feel whimsy.

The buildings’ personalities aren’t all artist-focused, though. Mungyo still has a big older-population from the Blendini Northward Expansion Movement of 2103 that took place and brought up a lot of people from older neighborhoods like Jaggers.