Jolly Good Time Banking Co.

As Blendini's most renowned time banking company, Mr. Hours is truly a city treasure time and time again!

This is Mr. Hours’ Jolly Good Time Banking Company. Time is very important as personal resource to Blendini citizens. Some people I talk to unfortunately have jobs that they don’t really want, but they do for the money. And that makes sense. But they are losing time that they can’t get back even if they are making some money. So a time bank is a good solution to their woes.

Time Banking is a concept that has been around for a long time and stands strong in Blendini City. The premise of time banking is this: you go and trade your time in for someone else’s time. Time becomes a local currency that is exchanged.

Mr. Hours manages customers’ time and how they exchange it. For example, someone contributes their time by giving 10 hours worth of banjo lessons, so someone then owes them 10 hours of their time for something they need.

This is something that can work in smaller-scale, local-first economies like Blendini City. Mr. Hours himself IS a jolly good time bank to work with!