Moon Row

In this Blendini City neighborhood, the buildings love, praise, and look up to the moon.

The buildings here love to demonstrate their reverence of the moon in many fun ways. And the buildings have also taught the people to appreciate the moon more and what it gives.

For the people, this neighborhood is pretty bustling but knows when to be quiet. Parts of the neighborhood, especially in Crescent Square, are full of activity. But other streets in Moon Row are quiet enough to hear the crickets at night.

It’s quite a delicate balance to have a neighborhood that can be both bustling and quiet at times! There’s a lot of specialty shops in Moon Row, from saddlery stores to astronomy stores. Stargazers love to live in Moon Row for one big reason.

There is something that happens a few nights per month called Starry Eyed Nights, where the buildings all go to sleep so that the people can see all of the stars. The streets are lit with gas lamps so that there is less light pollution even on the nights where the buildings are active. Buildings put a lot of care into their lighting, and there are industries in Moon Row that are dedicated towards manufacturing lighting that significantly decreases light pollution.

Some of the spots you can see in Moon Row are the parklets over the viaducts (which contains an indoor concourse and transit connections), the observatory, the Man Full of Trouble, the Moon Row Saddlery, the Crescent Apartments, and the Equinox Mart.