Home to Bartram Nil, Blendini's richest farmer

The Moldoun area of Blendini is pretty quiet, with a lot of woods, farms (not pictured but there is a farm in the background distance), and creeks. The creek on the foreground is Brigadoun Creek.

Moldoun is also known for the iconic Nil! House, which is named after the agricultural entrepreneur Bartram Nil. Bartram owns a few vertical farms and natural farms around the area.

Always the giving-type, he’s educated hundreds of Blendini citizens on the virtues of permaculture business. The Nil! House is 5 stories tall and is the main adminstrative building for Bartram’s business.

The Moldoun neighborhood has long-resisted further development. This on part of the buildings, mostly, but the people and androids agree. Keep Moldoun’s pastoral qualities! As a result, it doesn’t attract speculators. The value of the neighborhood will appreciate over time.

What is the Mayor’s position on this? I’ve tried to promote more development by the tram stop but otherwise keep it the way it is. It’s current dynamic is actually vital to the local economy and food supply.