Named after its magnificent mills (not pictured) in Northeast Blendini

This place is more sparsely populated because it’s close to Blendini’s outer limits. Millificent saw some build-up in anticipation of the Blendini Metro stop opening here, but the growth has slumped recently. The magnificent mills aren’t bringing in many people now!

This is mostly because the people and buildings that live here have come to like the quietness. There’s a little bit of hostility towards growing into a more dense neighborhood. Some just want to have their mountain views and call it a day. Others don’t want their farm space taken away. Finally, some of the buildings are mobile and have threatened to leave if there’s ever too much encroachment.

I love Millificent because of the views and the cool sites, such as Enesia Temple and the Neighbor Lounge. The Neighbor Lounge is that “third place” for a lot of people and androids in town – everyone knows each other!