Meningus Research Center

Meningus is a virus that is transmitted by buildings, and this center of research has continuously been on the case

Located in the Jaggers neighborhood of Blendini City. There is a long and drawn out story to tell about the Meningus virus that hit Blendini’s buildings very hard during the initial outbreak and also made people who near those buildings chronically sick.

Meningus is a virus that is transmitted by buildings where they are infected with a cocktail of noxious gasses and harmful chemicals such as asbestos. They then belch out this cocktail which then spreads the virus to other buildings and also makes humans sick by breathing it in. Pretty awful stuff.
The virus itself and (importantly) the reaction to the virus caused a black hole in part of Blendini’s history.

One of the many results of the Meningus outbreak was to construct this research center, which studies Meningus prevention but also quick treatments. They’ve done very good work although I sometimes wonder if they want a complete cure! But thanks to their work and many others, Meningus is something that is very easy to live with compared to what it was.