Blendini Land Grab #1

The first Blendini Land Grab occurred on October 2020 and was $53 per plot

The first Blendini Land Grab was an absolute joy to do. Not just because it was the very first one, but because all of these people were the first adopters into this new step for forming Blendini City. Each landowner also received an 11×14 print of this neighborhood, which was included with the price of the land.

The landowners of this first land grab are as follows:

  • – Mike Zawadzki: owner of the Chester Woodworking building, named after his grandfather
    – Mary Jo Brockel: owner of Brockel’s Farm, a farmer’s market building
    – Marc Abrams: owner of the Blendini Fire Co. #1, which has apartments on top
    – John Carter: owner of Mystery Records AND Commons Grocery
    – Rachel Rusenko: owner of the Rusenko Building Preservation Club, a building that displays its emotions
    – Cat Lallier: owner of Beautification Station, where Blendini’s beautification committee meets
    – Fairouz Foty: owner of the Quartertonez Music Hall
    – Allyson Blackwell & Alex Hollenbach: owners of Al Square, a house that opens up its roof to the community
    – Serenity: owner of Crafty Kids and Sciency Sorts, shops meant to expand both sides of the brain

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