Jam Rock

Jam Rock is alive with music venues, bingo halls, theatres, discos, and even an outdoor theatre.

The name Jam Rock comes from both its music scene and its geography. Some buildings rest on rocks or are formed by them. That’s something that I appreciate about this neighborhood: it builds WITH the geography of the area rather than against it.

Jam Rock really is all about the fun, but I like that even though it is an entertainment district, it’s still a great neighborhood to live in.

Of course, the most iconic building in Jam Rock is Jamo, The Theatre on The Rock. As the name suggests, Jamo is built in and on top of a giant boulder. This arrangement truly makes the acoustics something else when people listen to live music within its halls!

Besides for its live music venues, something that Jam Rock is known for is high concentration of bingo halls. The bingo halls can be raucous, high-energy places. Some of these bingo games can get pretty high-stakes! Visitors that come from Buffalo, NY especially appreciate that Jam Rock has bingo halls.

I think what makes Jam Rock work well is that there a lot of small-scale venues here that focus on several kinds of entertainment. It’s truly a neighborhood that will make you feel a little more alive walking around on a Friday night. Personally, I enjoy the dancing at Bing’s Ball and the stage theater that is done at the Livvy Time Good Time Theatre. Livvy Time is especially known for its incredible puppet shows.

The outdoor amphitheater is also a centerpiece of Jam Rock’s entertainment district. Outdoor shows happen during all days of the week, with the larger-scale shows done on the weekends and the smaller-scale ones during the weekdays. What’s good about Blendini’s climate is that it is pretty agreeable most of the year!