This former port has struggled to redefine itself. But its vice district remains strong.

The Jaggers neighborhood has a fascinating history and as the Mayor it’s one of the neighborhoods that is close to my heart. It has been through some rough economic times in the past (hence a lot of the boarded up windows) but is seeing a bit of a resurgence as a vice district.

Some of the buildings are not happy with the direction towards vice that is happening here but others welcome it. Same dichotomy with the people and androids that patronize and live in Jaggers.

The Bijou Theater is a favorite in the neighborhood. It shows a mix of robot vaudeville and experimental dinner theater. The Bijou still manages to attract citizens from across the city who are willing to walk around Jaggers.

The Jaggers Vice Club draws the consternation of some of the neighboring buildings. But in my opinion they’re just being a bit too grumpy! Vice isn’t my thing, personally, but I’m glad that the choice exists.

The Hotel Jaggers is a historic building that is very close to my heart. Built in 2080, it’s literally the first hotel to be built in Blendini. It was designed for the merchants and traders that were building Blendini’s early economy. Today it mostly accomodates the vice district.

Overall, crime isn’t bad in Jaggers. But issues come with a few of the bars and rooming houses in the downtown. Such examples are Bar Hideaway and Escape House. They tend to accomodate people who are on the lam for something or another.