Isaac Ragúnía

Irate towards humans, Isaac is one of Blendini's more volatile buildings

You gotta deal with some weird stuff when you’re the Mayor. There are some buildings that refuse to let humans in at all. They’re fine with most of the animals that roam the city streets but not humans.

All of the buildings were built with the purpose of serving humans but that has become more and more stratified in the city. Such an example is Isaac Ragúnía. He was a sci-fi library built for human minds. But now he minds the presence of humans very very much.

Honestly I think that the completely anti-human stance by Isaac puts him at risk of eventually getting demolished, and I hope this doesn’t happen. The problem is what happens when humans try to go inside now that is putting him at risk.

But Isaac Ragúnía is also a tough ass nut, and so I think he’ll be able to defend himself if he’s threatened. Honestly I love Isaac and we have a working relationship since I’m the Mayor. I’m the only person in Blendini who can use Isaac as a building.

I feel like I’ve really grown to understand him which has helped me with work with him on city issues and make sure he stays protected.

The humans just need to understand that Isaac needs some space, but he’s got a personality you can never replicate again.