A woodsy workers' neighborhood where the dead are turned into trees

With its Neo Victorian, Deco Futura, and Moderna Classic homes, there is a delicate balance between countryside and vibrant buildings in Gravers. The human and android workers in Gravers prize their Neo Victorians. The worker buildings also have a real working spirit. They take pride in their work and like to dress to show this.

The working spirit of Gravers comes from its industry that has taken the region by storm: turning the dead into trees. This form of recycling has kept Blendini’s tree canopies strong. It’s good, honest work!

You won’t have a problem finding a place to eat, drink, be merry, and make a new friend. The Twisted Butt is a good ol’ neighborhood bar. Everyone knows your name and it’s got a down-home vibe.

But it’s also got a lot of live entertainment. No cover and you’ll get a lot of good live local bands. So twist your butt with some great dancing and beer!

Gravers Social is a local restaurant that people like for it’s locally grown food and good times. It’s down-home comfort food. There’s also a social aspect to the dining experience – it’s real family-style. People and androids alike pay for the novel experience that the buildings create.

The Reincarnation Studios is where the Tree re-incarnation designers work. They come up with trees that people want to become and help them choose where they want to be and what they want to potentially look like.

For the Gravers Tree Mortuaries, there are two featured in this photo. These local businesses process everyone who opts to become a tree after they die. The first one to establish itself was Mortuary Of The Bob, started by Bob Pine.

Finally, a lot of homes have porches because they make for great conversation starters and the buildings can more easily communicate.