Blendini City's hub for making new devices out of recycled parts!

This is the Galatin neighborhood of Blendini City! What makes Galatin a special neighborhood is its proximity to the Whispering Woods and the sense of community, with an industry based on repair and maintenance. One of the strengths of Blendini’s economy is that while there is a focus on production, there is also a sizable focus on repair and maintenance.

The Whispering Woods gives the buildings and people clean air to breathe. They architecture in this neighborhood mostly consists of wood and stone with some other flourishes, given to the buildings from the Whispering Woods

Galatin’s economic specialty is repairing and maintaining devices. In addition, there are businesses involved in building new simple machines with recycled parts. From shoes to ham radios to watches to simple machines, there are many specialty places here that are good for repair – there’s also several schools in the neighborhood that specialize in different trades

In general, it’s thanks to neighborhoods like Galatin that Blendini City doesn’t have a disposable consumption culture, but instead a culture of conscious consumption that puts great care and sentiment into everything that’s built and created.