Blendini's fourth largest central business district that has the best mountain views

As you can see, Frook is located close to the Gambit Mountain Range. There are many of buildings great stature with stories to tell here. Frook’s timeline is interesting because it was developed in the latter half of the city’s history as the city limits expanded towards Mount Gambit. But Frook also exists as a secondary gateway into the city.

It may be located a few miles away from Blendini Central, but there are more and more people coming into the city from the other side, and that’s where Frook has become a center for creativity, commerce, and education all on its own.

Glass is a big industry in Frook. Blendini Glass is where lots of glass gets made, and they’re biggest contract is with some of the neighborhoods themselves! They provide the glass for several of the neighborhoods’ street lamps. But Blendini Glass makes more than street lamps. They provide glass for many things, such windows to bottles.

Arts and crafts are alive and well in Frook. Mr. Dream’s Art Supply & Community is a place for artists to really make something of themselves. Affordable supplies and space are very common in Frook, and Mr. Dream’s was one of the first places to offer such services in the neighborhood.

The Building Psychology Center that you see in this scene is just as it sounds..buildings have feelings too in Blendini City and need to make sense of those feelings! The center researches the feelings of buildings, and also offers counseling services to the buildings.

Radio communications are a big deal in Blendinini City. This is illustrated in the Frook neighborhood, which hosts one the most successful ham radio builders. Hammonton Ham Radios builds the ham radios and towers that create the WinLink system in Blendini, which allows for communications such as email to be done over radio.