Francine Kiriakis

Francine Kiriakis is my favorite city council building to work with. Period!

Something I’m continuing to do when building out the world of Blendini City is creating characters in the city council. Most of these characters are buildings, some are humans.

So this is city council building is named Francine Kiriakis. She is one of the six buildings that currently has a seat on the Blendini City Council. Francine represents the Blenoni Neighborhood District Council. One of the human city councilpersons lives with Francine within her building. This is a great thing for the immediate constituency! The citizens use the Francine building as a place to congregate for town hall meetings where both members of the council can communicate about the goings on of Blendini on a city-level and a neighborhood district-level.

Francine Kiriakis is one of my personal favorites on the council. She has brought many great ideas to the table and has done a wonderful job implementing the conditions to create a local economy that offers a true equality of opportunity. I also love hanging out with Francine in her building!