Founders’ Beach

The Founders' Beach neighborhood has tons of history, light manufacturing, and fun by the beach

Founders Beach is one of the main trading posts of the city considering its location right on the coast of Lake Hullabaloo. But Founders Beach also has some of the more pristine beaches around in Blendini City. The name of the neighborhood comes from honoring the many individuals that came together to start the city all of those years ago in the year 2073 (this scene takes place in the year 2135).

One of my favorite places to go to is The Phoenix, one of the larger indoor farmers markets and resource exchanges in the city. The resource exchange itself an economic pillar to Blendini: a place where people can barter different goods with each other. Bartering plays well into the city’s economy when appropriate!

The Hall Of Simple Machine Parts is also valuable to builders of simple machines. Lots of simple machines help citizens in their daily lives. Blendini is a city dominated more by simple machines more-so than overly complicated tech.

Founders’ Beach is also home to Carlo’s Pizza, which after thriving in Atlanta, GA for many years decided to open up a new spot in Blendini City as one of its founding restaurants. This location now is their most popular since at this point Blendini has more stability than the United States. Also just the location alone is better: people love to eat pizza and walk the boardwalks

Like the other Blendini neighborhoods on the coast, their is a distinct maritime economy here that has kept Founders’ Beach very active for the past 60 years. The Maritime Supply Co. that you can see in this scene is just a slice of the maritime economy that exists at Foundes’ Beach. Similar to Port Olivia, Founders’ Beach strength is that its waterfront is very diversified in its uses.