A neighborhood that feels like an active city within a big park

What I love about the fortuna neighborhood is that it feels like a city within a big park. Some of the greenways are inspired by La Condesa in Mexico City. I have always wanted to see a neighborhood that has a similar concept grow in Bendini, and here it is!

Many of the merchants come together to take care of the greenways in Fortuna since they benefit economically and spiritually from the trees. There tends to be a lot of foot traffic in Fortuna, but it never feels to hectic. That is no peak for foot traffic, it just kind of happens all day.

People and buildings alike describe Fortuna as “a neighborhood lush with trees and community”. Variety is the key. As you can see, Fortuna is a neighborhood of very mixed activity. Many have carved out unique purposes in life and collaborate extensively.

You can buy an electric bike and buy newly crafted shoes on the same block. Just a stones throw away is the school of hypnosis and the local smelter. And, of course, you have textiles and toolmakers all working hard right across the greenway. And there are many nice places to live interspersed throughout the neighborhood.

There’s no particular style of architecture that persists in the Fortuna neighborhood. There is some color coordination amongst the buildings. No one wants to clash with one another too much! But this is a neighborhood where individualism and collectivism reign supreme at the same time.

One of the more iconic buildings in the neighborhood is called The Hilltopper. The building pays homage to Fall River, Massachusetts, which was once one of the most wealthy cities in the world due to the textile industry. Then all of the wealth and prestige completely left. The Hilltopper pays homage to what the city was, but in a new way.