Factory Village

The Blendini neighborhood with the highest concentration of light industry!

Industry and living used to go hand-in-hand in city life. Unfortunately a lot of this industry was heavy, noisy, and polluting to neighborhoods. So a lot of factories had to move out of neighborhoods. In Blendini, the neighborhood-factory dynamic returns, but in the form of light, sustainable industry!

Some of the buildings that are alive run their own small factories. Humans run other small factories. Other buildings team up with humans to run businesses. It’s an interesting dynamic for sure when a building runs a business!

People in Factory Village enjoy working with their hands. The buildings enjoy being small-scale factories.

The sheer amount of light industry is staggering, but what’s also great is that the neighborhood is still very mixed. There’s work, there’s housing, and there’s amenities all in one place.

One building that I really like in Factory Village is the Milgram Light Industry Collective (MLIC). The MLIC contains a lot of businesses operating their light manufacturing all in one space. It’s a great community and gateway for entrepreneurs.

I’d like to also highlight some of the other businesses you see here and the light industry they provide! H.H. Biggums specializes in baby goods. M.M. McJaynes is textiles.

Meruco is clean energy tech. Bo Bo makes telephones. What I think works so well about this neighborhood is the sheer variety of light industry jobs operated by small businesses it has while still being a nice place to live.