Erastus Corning

A former member of the Blendini City Council, Erastus is now a bored member of the public

This building’s name is Erastus Corning. He is a former city council building, now just a regular building. He currently is residing in the Moon Row neighborhood of Blendini City. As a former member of city council, Erastus misses those days of power very much. He is currently very bored and wishes he was still on the council. As a city council member, he was controversial on some things that he tried to do, such as wholesale bulldozing of sections of the Jaggers neighborhood when it had gone through immense economic decline.

Voters also grew weary of the machine-style politics that Erastus enjoyed. So Erastus was finally booted out by the voters as a city council building after 30 years of service, and has been spending the last 10 years sitting around and being very bored.

Erastus thought that opening himself up as apartments would spark some excitement, but he’s very bored of the tenants. In fact, he requested the building owner to change his front-facing windows to better express his boredom!