Clown College

Corydon Vos Liberabit (The Clown Will Set You Free)

Clown College was created out of a belief that many people have an inner-clown spirit within them. At this school, you can acquire a lot of practical skills in how to entertain people.

It is an institution of learning so there is a lot of concentrated talent and skill that grows in and out. However, it doesn’t drain capital. The Clown College is only as big as it needs to be, and tuition prices are stable but fair.

One of Clown College’s strengths is all of the course offerings it has for the aspiring clowners. One of the most unusual buildings is the Center For Avant Garde Clowning. Anything can happen here. Super experimental clowning arts happen here.

The Shoemaking Building is where all of those clown shoes are made! The actual classes take place inside the shoe.

Clowner’s Hall is the main gathering place for all CC students. There are cafes and student resources in this building. Think of a student union if you have attended such a collegiate institution!

The Tightrope definitely needs to be talked about. Yes, instead of walking across campus some daring students like to practice their tightrope skills while going to class at the same time. There are several of these around campus. You are just seeing one here.

And at the Costuming Building students learn how to make costumes for circus acts, theaters, movies, or any kinds of street performances. This is one of the more design-oriented majors.

There aren’t any traditional colleges or universities in Blendini City (or even the surrounding metro), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many schools. There are many schools where you can learn specific trades. Like clowning!