Castle Blenoni

Live in a tiny castle without the hassle of owning a castle!

Everyone has a house or apartment that looks like a little castle in Castle Blenoni! The “Hastle” Free Castle, if you will. Over the years, the neighborhood has taken on new forms but every building built has had at least paid homage to the lovely castles that  were first built.

Since Blendonians who are moving to Castle Blenoni are looking to live hassle free lives in their little castles, there are a lot of amenities in the neighborhood.

For example, Castle Blenoni is the home of Blendini’s biggest healthcare business, Dr. Jayne’s Medicines. They specialize in treating causes, not symptoms. Unlike big pharma, Dr. Jayne’s Medicines mostly uses natural medicines to treat their customers.

One of the Castle Blenoni’s strengths is its diversity. There are people and androids who have lived here a long time, and there are more transient-types. Rooming houses are interspersed around Castle Blenoni.

People and androids like can stay at places like the Blenoni Rooming House for 1-3 months at a time.

Sunrise Co-Op is a community owned general store. Blendini has a lot of community owned businesses, since the economy is much more locally focused than other places in the world.

I would say that Castle Blenoni is one of the more highly-desired neighborhoods because of its tranquil urbanism and mountain views. The buildings in this area can get pretty crazy with how they one-up each other with the ornamentation. Some participate in the “Most Well-Dressed” Building Competition every year.