B.X. Buckley

The best of the best when it comes to sailmaking abilities, B.X. Buckley is a maritime treasure!

This is B.X. Buckley, one of the more renowned sailmakers in all of Blendini City. And believe me, there’s some competition! B.X. Buckley (or his full name Buckinald Xavier Buckley) rests of the port of the Pastel City neighborhood.

He loves to watch the ships go by and see which ships have the sails his business created. The two ships in the background, just by happenstance, DO have sails that were made by his business! A fine job indeed, B.X.!

Sailmakers play an important role in the Blendini maritime trade. Since trade has become more localized and smaller scale by the year 2135, a lot of more “classic” ships are built. These ships conduct a lot of trade in the Blendini City region and beyond. The maritime economy has been revived since there is a need for trading on the seas and the inland waterways. Lake Hullabaloo for Blendini is an extremely important water connection.