Blendini News Radio Building

Citizens can tune into the 104.5 frequency to listen to local stories and news

Blendonians love to make their own radio stations. Some of these radio stations last for a long time, others are a bit more fleeting. Blendini News Radio (BNR) is one of those stations that has been around for much of the city’s history.

BNR emphasizes hiring citizen journalists. A citizen journalist can have their own show or work for a show. Rather than having to go to journalism school for 4 years, any citizen that has knowledge and charisma can be apply for an apprenticeship program.

Many of the shows focus on local issues, but there are also some shows that focus on international issues. Blendini does have a lot of connections to the international community, after all!

The BNR building is built in the Deco Futura style, which takes the spirit of Art Deco and freshens it up for the present. The BNR building is located in Mana Park.