Blendini Land Grab #3

The third Blendini Land Grab occurred on February 2021 and was $73 per plot

The third Blendini Land Grab commenced three months after the second one, on February 2021. The third wave of adopters brought in many new ideas and styles into the mix. While the second land grab was located in Founders’ Beach, this one was in Blendini Central again like the first one. Each landowner also received an 11×14 print of this neighborhood, which was included with the price of the land.

The landowners of this second land grab are as follows:

  • – Brad Carney: owner of Hose & Ladder, an active firehouse and an Irish pub
    – Matt Accardi: owner Matt’s Megaplex, an arcade, gym, and underground poker room
    – Matt Russell: owner of Flow Parts, a community for circus arts
    – Erin Van Bremen: owner of Bailey’s Spot, an animal shelter and bakery.
    – Danial Naqvi: owner of Riffs City, a library and mental health center
    – Paul & Val Castoral: owners of The Experience Shoppe, a “boochtique”
    – Eve Hoyt: owner of The Glowing Attic, an antique mall and neon sign shop
    – Andrew Minucci: owner of Blendonia Geological Research and the accompanying rock climbing wall and pub

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