Blendini Land Grab #2

The second Blendini Land Grab occurred on November 2020 and was $67 per plot

The second Blendini Land Grab commenced pretty soon after the first one, which is an unusual occurrence. The second wave of adopters really were just as much of a joy to work with as the first wave. While the first land grab was located in Blendini Central, this one takes place in the Founders’ Beach neighborhood. Each landowner also received an 11×14 print of this neighborhood, which was included with the price of the land.

The landowners of this second land grab are as follows:

  • – Sabrina Rivera: owner of Seaside Stories Bookstore and Apartments
    – Matt Coolerthug: owner of the Achillea Millefolium, a waterpark and hotel
    – Kristina Lohre: owner La La Bloom, a haven for artists receiving recycled materials
    – Matt Kelly: owner of Blendini Ball Hockey, built to be a homage to old wooden arenas.
    – Steven Motschwiller: owner of the Motschwiller Lectures, an outdoor lecture hall
    – Brian O’Keefe: owner of the land that leases to this substation of the Blendini Electric Company
    – Justin Leggett: owner of the Inside Out Theater Company
    – Phil Kennard: owner of the Empathy Reality Palace, a place where you can learn to become empathetic through VR

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