Blendini Central

A fun and vibrant central business district with a lot to do

As Blendini’s central business district started building out, there was a common goal shared by the community: anyone should be able to start a business here. Historically, Blendini Central has been a place of opportunity.

If I had to come up with a word for Blendini Central’s economy it would be variety. This variety has worked in the neighborhood’s favor as the central hub of activity. When one industry fails, it doesn’t have as much as a wide impact.

Blendini Central has some of the city’s taller buildings, although they are less tall than Pastel City. While there aren’t any height limits, there’s a general consensus that no one wants their buildings to be too tall. The tallest buildings in Blendini are susceptible to cramping, feel overstretched, and can be a drain on the city’s resources. So the buildings are tall in Blendini Central, but in moderation.

As a result, citizens aren’t overwhelmed by the buildings, as most opt to not grow too tall. The taller buildings have more issues with maintaining themselves anyway and they don’t enjoy being too tall!

The reason that Blendini Central feels vibrant is that there is no street that feels too predictable. City Hall is located right next to the Blendini Disco, for example.

The Felix is a local move theather that shows old films. It also has an orchestra on the ready to play along with the films. The theater has room for four screens.

The Mansard is a small inn that was originally built when Blendini Central was much smaller (and wasn’t considered “central” yet). The first building in the neighborhood is a “Building Church”, which was built in 2079. This was when religious zealots who believed in the mystical powers of sentient buildings first set camp here.