Blendini Central II

This drawing is another scene from Blendini's central business district

While there are many centers of activity around the city rather than just one “downtown”, Blendini Central is still the most vibrant and populated neighborhood in the whole city.

What’s wonderful to me about strolling around Blendini Central is the variety of businesses, shops, homes, and activities that you can find by just wandering around. As you can see in this block alone, there is a lot going on.

Blendini Central’s defining feature is “gentle density”. There’s a lot of people who live in this neighborhood, with lots of apartment buildings. These apartment buildings tend to be about 8-10 floors tall. There’s enough activity here to support a lot of businesses, but since Blendini’s centers of activity are distributed anyway, there’s no need for Blendini Central to be overwhelmed with sky scrapers.

Blendini Central is also known for its gold and silver minting facilities and its stock markets. There is a local stock exchange in the neighborhood, as well as a stock exchange that is more international. You can see that Blendini Metals has a prominent position in the landscape of Blendini Central.

One place that I love to go to is Saucy’s Snausages. “Snausages” are a Blendini delicacy. They are not meat-based like sausages, but they also have a secret ingredient that makes them better than sausages anyway, quite frankly. What’s fun about Saucy’s is that you can see how the snausages get made (mostly) and you can eat them on site.

Hazel’s is another favorite on mine. Specifically, she is a communal living space for the musically-inclined, and many great performers have stayed here at points in their lives. She also has a terrific personality that really contributes to the block!

Blendini Central is a place of fun, a place of business,and a place of community. That’s a combination that I never want to see go away.