Blenconi Mills

The jobs are plentiful (semi-skilled and skilled) in this neighborhood that has the largest concentration of hydro-power in the city.

This is the neighborhood of Blenconi Mills! The jobs are plentiful in this neighborhood of Blendini City, semi-skilled and skilled. Its main source of power is a network of hyrdoelectric plants and water wheels.

It’s a good thing that Blenconi Mills has preserved a lot of its mill architecture over the years. It was tempting to demolish when there was a brief financial panic that caused some mills to close down. But the economy in Blenconi Mills has come roaring back and it’s one of the stronger, more diversified ones in town!

My personal favorite spot in Blenconi Mills is the Ya Blend Diner, which has been there since the neighborhood’s very founding. I also love to get my hash browns to go so that I can then enjoy a view of the big water wheel. Besides for the plentiful hyrdo jobs in this neighborhood – since it is the crossing of numerous inland waterways – textiles are also big. In terms of the neighborhood’s look and atmosphere, think of the area of Lowell, Massachusetts where all of the mills are by the Merrimack River.