Where baby buildings are raised by mama buildings and their caretakers

Pronounced BABY-LAWN. Take a tour of a place in Blendini City that is not an actual neighborhood but where baby buildings are raised by mama buildings and caretakers (humans and droids).

There is no access granted to anyone except for the workers and the baby buildings themselves, as they need to be raised here before they move to different parts of the main city and can’t be disrupted.

The mama buildings raise the babies through underground root networks (like trees) and the caretakers provide supplemental care. Not all of the buildings make their initial few years. Some were built with errors, although buildings that live in Babylon have a better chance of surviving.

It’s difficult to access Babylon by public transit, which is by design. You really need a car or a human-powered vehicle to get here.

Currently the Blendini City government has an arrangement with the mama buildings to subsidize half the cost of Babylon. As the Mayor, I feel that subsidy should eventually be decreased, but only when we can find another way to fund Babylon.