did you know that it is possible to own land in blendini city?

A city is a blend of many dynamic people and buildings coming together. So Blendini City wouldn’t work if it was just me involved! I want many other people to have a stake in this city of the future.

This is why I came up with the Blendini Land Grab. With each Blendini Land Grab that I launch, people have the opportunity to purchase a plot of land in the city, talk with me, and I’ll create the building of their dreams in a neighborhood scene! Each person that has purchase land in Blendini their own unique ideas and philosophies to contribute, which I just love!

Blendini Land Grab #1
Blendini Land Grab #2
Blendini Land Grab #3

Each Blendini Land Grab is a unique experience because I am working with specific people on their buildings. Each land owner gets a consultation with me and then I will draw the building of their dreams. Each neighborhood scene is vibrant and unique. It really goes to show that the most vibrant neighborhoods form when many people are involved rather than just a few!

For each Land Grab I will announce it on Instagram, saying the amount of plots available as well as the price. So far, I have done 3 land grabs, with the intention of doing the next one sometime in June 2021. It can be difficult to scoop up land on time, so make sure you keep your eyes and ears open on my Instagram!

For each Land Grab, I will release a flyer to announce the plots available abd the price for each plot. The price goes up for each Land Grab. So far the prices have been $53, $67, and $73 per plot.

Well, I certainly hope that you feel the need to purchase land in Blendini City in the future! Follow and engage with me on Instagram so you’ll be the first to know about the Blendini Land Grabs!