I created Blendini City to be an antidote to the fears I have about future cities becoming too inhuman thanks to the corporate takeover of daily life. But it is also a city I created out of sadness for all of the buildings that get demolished from that corporate takeover of daily life.

Blendini City is a city in the future where all of the buildings are alive and have their own distinct personalities. It is truly a city of neighborhoods, and it is a city place where opportunities and randomness are ripe. It is a city where life can feel relaxed and messy at the same time. It is a city where freedoms abound for better or worse! (But mostly for the better).

I plan to tell many stories about this great city while showing you every detail

From how the city is managed to the kinds of jobs that are available, you’re going to learn a lot about this place through my drawings and my blog. If you want to learn, of course!

Blendini City is a living work in progress. I have only scratched the surface of the neighborhoods, buildings, and people that are present in Blendini.

I want to take people to a city where there is a different philosophy of how people and buildings coexist. And how technology and back-to-nature living can go hand-in-hand. I want Blendini to be a demonstration of how we can live in a city that has a great natural ecology and human ecology.