blendini is a city in the future where all of the buildings are alive and have their own distinct personalities.

THIS IS THE CURRENT COLLECTION OF Blendini’s neighborhoods and buildings. hope you click on one to learn more about it!
Ray Bradbury Cathedral Of Reading
Meningus Research Center
Pastel City
Moon Row
Blenconi Mills
Founders’ Beach
Salvatore Gouache
Factory Village
Blendini Central II

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These buildings have all kinds of personalities. Old souls, happy souls, mad souls, you name it.
I hope you explore this city and its distinct neighborhoods!
Francine Kiriakis
Erastus Corning
Jam Rock
B.X. Buckley
Jolly Good Time Banking Co.
Vick Mattress Hat Building
Castle Blenoni
Isaac Ragúnía
Blendini News Radio Building
Port Olivia
Blendini Central

Blendini City has a strong local economy and a sense of community. It is truly a city of neighborly neighborhoods! To stay updated, follow me on Instagram!

PJ Bottom’s
Clown College
The Hat District
Port Olivia II
so why did i create blendini city? and why am I the mayor of it?
This video I created will tell you my motivations and about the city of blendini!
the city of the future doesn’t have to be bleak, dystopian, or filled with too much techno-narcissism! this is why I created blendini city!
every drawing you see takes place in the year 2140. Blendini itself was founded in the year 2073.